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Anonymous Life Story series has been an ongoing project, during which I have been collecting strangers’ biographies and recreating them with the use of new material. The objective of the project is to bring to life others’ untold narratives and give them visual and tangible validation. Empowering people to use their voice and find a way to be heard has been a theme throughout my career as an artist. I gain inspiration through others’ memories and am a storyteller. 2 dimensional materials help create their narrative on canvas or paper. Each life story has been documented and shared through my social media channels  since March 2021. The art materials connect me to the story and the color becomes symbolic to the energy I feel while creating. After I have collected, recreated, and shared 63 anonymous life stories and continue to do as long as the submissions keep coming in. I continue recreating and sharing on my social media platforms continuously.


Because everyone’s story is important and deserves to be heard.

This project is a labor of love. If you or someone you know what to share a life story, feel free to message me here or on my social media accounts. Each story submission will be recreated at a future date. Finished creations are available for purchase without obligation. As always, stories are anonymous unless the submitter says otherwise. This project's goal is to give validation, cathartic release and prove that we are all connected through our stories that we hold.

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