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Published Author and Illustrator, Fine Artist & Creator of

Toni Paolillo was born and raised in New York and completed her schooling in Nassau County, NY. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Adelphi University in 2009 and Masters of Clinical Art Therapy from Long Island University in 2012.

She is an artist and a storyteller. Her most recent series called, "Anonymous Life Stories", challenges her to consistently create, connect to and serve her community on her social media platform. She collects strangers’ life stories and recreates the submission through art material that inspires her. Empowering people to use their voice and find a way to be heard has been a pattern in her creativity and passion. Her color palette is vibrant and her composition is purposeful. She finds inspiration through memories. She is the author and illustrator of children's books like “Oops! I Squished the Tooth Fairy!” and “The Very Grumpopatamus”. She is the Founder of Longview Trail Studio, LLC where she can expand her education and experience in creating art workshops across NJ.

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