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Beauty and the Beast

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Tale as old as time...

I want to preface how proud I am of him. I am his biggest fan. I would and have traveled the world for him. He is an incredible human being. One thing I won't do again is sit at Men's Warehouse with my toddler watching him try on suits and shirts for almost 2 hours. I love him but I suppose my love has limits.

As hour one passed and my toddler had completed her pretzels and goldfish, she soon realized that she was bored. I had run out of fun activities for us to do like, "I spy," or "Can you find the letter..."

I looked off into the distance as I was across the store and started humming the theme song from Beauty and the Beast.

What the hell happened to me? He's glowing (and growing in his industry) and I look like I rolled out of bed to go to the store. Which so happens that I may have done that but that's for me to know, not the Men's Warehouse salesman.

That morning, I made him get a hair cut and get a new wardrobe so he could feel empowered. He deserved it. Maybe I need to practice what I preach.


So as I walked through the isle of ties for the 56th time, I envisioned the last petal of the rose falling and I would officially be a beast forever. Soon after, I came back into reality, with my frustrated toddler yelling at me because I didn't give her my undivided attention. I walked her and I out of the store and went up and down the escalators to amuse her as he became the beauty and I accepted my new role, the beast.


Sunday sketch, 2019


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