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Dinner in the bathroom

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

When you have a teething toddler with a fever


Remember the good ol' days, when you went to a restaurant feeling like a woman? Remember when you were seated and dined with your loved one without having to worry about how loud they were? You never imagined having to worry about if they were to realize that all cups surrounding them were filled with liquid and were breakable? There was no feeling of worry, but instead, one of relief because you didn't have to think about doing dishes.

It's been awhile.

I will never forget last night. Last night my husband and I were dealing with a different creature than we're used to. Our toddler had a consistently high fever Saturday into Sunday. It's funny how toddlers have no concept of time, yet always manage to get sick during the ONLY day of the week when the doctors' office is closed.

Even though I was running on 1 hour of sleep after making sure she'd survive the night before, between the fever and nightmares about ants invading her crib, I attempted to make a full, balanced dinner. I kept thinking to myself, "She had to be hungry if she refused food or drink for all day, right? WRONG. She was exhausted, angry, confused as to what this new feeling was, and wanted me to make it all go away. She began to turn into what felt like, the incredible hulk, our own personal MR.. Hyde. So this is how dinner time went, last night.

Me-"Dinner is ready!"

Her-"I have to poop, NOW!"

My husband- "Good job telling us! We'll be right there once she's done."


Me- "It's an hour past dinner time. The food is cold. We need to eat.

You have to get up now. Please, this is silly at this point."

Portrait of my potty trained child, 2019

In the end, she won.

"Dinner is served!", 2019

She ate dinner on the potty.

Is it just me or did this child just use her knowledge of potty training to her advantage? She refused to get off of that seat to sit as a family for dinner. She wasn't backed up or trying to go. She just didn't want to leave that room. She became the girl who cried potty. Needless to say it was the most awkward and frustrating dinner, but somehow we all laughed through it. (And cried a little too.)

Have you ever been in a similar situation with your little one? Did you cave in like us or did you find some magical way to get out of it? Comment below and make me feel like I'm not the worst parent in the world.... Please?


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