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The Judgement Domino Effect

Because these kids are like sponges, absorbing all of your personalities and actions.


When I need to escape from reality, I watch reality TV. It's ironic because most of these shows have story lines and plots but it's nice to pretend.

Our emotions and thoughts are constantly being viewed by our little ones. Every action, every reaction that we have they take in and save it to use at a later date. Whatever we do trickles down to them I realized this recently when I was frustrated one day. My toddler was being difficult and I huffed in frustration. She turned to me and gave me a look I've given my husband when I've seen a dirty sink or a forgotten garbage bag.

She gave me my own dirty look. This kid sat next to me, judging me as I judged these reality stars. I imagined her thinking to herself, "What the hell is she wasting her time watching this crap?" I sometimes wonder the same thing myself.

I don't want her to think I am some super hero, but I do want her to absorb my good qualities. Like, how I attempt to clean up everyday and how forgiving I can be in difficult situations. I'm also an expert ice cream eater and can cook well balanced dinners when all I'm really craving is Doritos.

Please, take some of my good qualities, not just my dirty looks.

We are only human. They see us for all that we are and look to us to show them the kind of person they could be. I'll keep judging my Bravo stars but most likely I'll be doing it during nap time.

sketch of me judging reality tv, her judging me, her toy judging her and the tiny toy getting the brunt of it


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