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All I Want for Christmas is a Cardboard Box


"Mom! Look what Santa brought me!"

"I've always wanted a cardboard box!"

We celebrated our daughter's 4th Christmas this year. It’s strange to type those words, wondering how the time went so fast. This year I promised myself would be different. I wanted to celebrate the season everyday with her and to make sure Santa got her exactly what she had asked for.

As a family we saw Santa multiple times, we sang Christmas songs, decorated the tree, stamped the Christmas card envelopes, wrapped the gifts and counted down the days until the big guy was coming.

“All I want for Christmas is a circus and a bike!” She’d tell Santa whenever she’d get the chance. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t budging for any alternatives.

The morning finally came last week and her reaction was priceless. First she felt obliged to check the plate that was filled with cookies and carrots to make sure the reindeer and Santa enjoyed them as well as drank the milk. Mesmerized by the abundance of wrapping paper, she took the gifts and formed a large circle around herself refusing to open any presents until she’d finished her creation. After finally opening presents, she jumped up and down with glee as I was making coffee in the other room. “Mommy, mommy you won’t even believe what I have! You’ve got to come in here!” I ran quickly as I filled the pot with coffee grinds. My eyes locked on my toddler with a large cardboard box on her head as she pretended to be a robot from outer space. I watched her excitement as she danced in her circle of gifts. (Dancing with her free large cardboard box while also teaching her parents a very valuable lesson.

Just give them the cardboard boxes and stop overthinking it.

The magic of Christmas is about watching the imagination and innocence of our child and the irony that the toys that were thoughtfully wrapped and bought leaned against the wall as the empty box won her attention. She may act older than her age however this Christmas day she reminded me that she’s still just a three year old kid.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

Hope you enjoy those empty card board boxes as much as my child has.


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