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Big News!

I'm very excited to share that my newest children's book is in the process of being published and will be available for purchase in just a few days!

This book is a collaboration piece that was created last year by our 3 year old as well as my husband, Michael. I'm so proud to be able to self publish, "The Very Grumpapotamus". There is something so special to be able to show my child the process of creating and completing something. She's super excited to use one of our first toddler tales and make it into something tangible for others to read.

I will be offering a giveaway opportunity this week for those who share the info once I have the link and spread the word on social media! I will also be going live this week to choose a winner at random and send a FREE copy of The Very Grumpapotamus!

Copies of this book will be available for purchase at in the near future as well as Ebooks for Kindle!

Stay tuned for more information as it comes.

And thanks for your support!


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