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But Mama, Where Do All Of My Farts Go?


After months of working and adjusting, I'm proud to say I have published my second book called, "But Mama, Where Do All Of My Farts Go?"

This book motivated me to go back into comics after a 2 year hiatus. I'm very proud to say that I am both the author and illustrator. I'm grateful to Meghan Einhorn for taking time out of her busy life to edit! Overall I feel so grateful to have the love and support of my family and friends. This toddler of ours has lots to say and I look forward to documenting our journey as we grow together.

Enjoy a sneak peak of my little one reading the beginning of my book based off of a real experience we had with her about a year ago.


You can purchase this book by clicking the link below:

After you read, please give a review on amazon to let me know what you think!

More to come! Thanks for all of your support and love!


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