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Delayed Groundhog Day Comic

(Stay at home mom comic created by one tired woman)

Routine is key for us in our home. It also feels extremely redundant and exhausting.

#SAHM has it's perks.

1. All you can wear leggings.

2. Cold coffee

3. Bored, angry children

4. Lots of things to clean

5. Toilet talks with my toddler

6. The occasional feeling of groundhog day

I love my job. I love being a mother. It is beautiful and exhausting combined with sarcasm and daily tears that flavor the cold coffee. I never feel like I accomplish enough or keep myself in the moment. My phone is attached to my hip at all times and I hate dishes. If I could eat on paper plates everyday I would.

I also know that:

1. One day my daughter won't ask me philosophical questions on the toilet.

2. I will take this messy bun out of my hair and look more like a human.

3. We won't cuddle before the sunrise.

4. She'll want to wake up past 7 am. Most likely when I need her to wake earlier.

5. This house will be quiet one day.

So I'll accept the groundhog days and find a way to see beauty in it. I am grateful, I am tired, I am a mother.


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