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In a Holiday Huff?


Dear parents,

Are you frustrated and tired of reprimanding your kid? Are you also tired of being the "bad guy" to them? Wouldn't it be easier to have something or someone else take the blame? Why do some of us have to wait 6 months after Easter, to threaten our children? Why not have it for EVERY MONTH?! That's right, imagine not having to wait to bring up Santa in August or the Easter bunny in February. Heck, why does this have to be a Religious thing? Lets just help parents be better parents by making this a monthly monster or living thing? Then we can just tell them they can't get their dessert or have an early bedtime because of the Monthly Monster. All I have to say is, I'm tired of always looking like I'm the mean one and I'm ready to start a new trend. Come on Hallmark! Let's unite together and give someone else the blame! Who's with me?!

"The Patriotic Pigeon" ©

This Pigeon can be in full effect the end of May to the hot month of July. Kids are whining about the temperature? Boredom has hit and they don't want to play with their fancy toys? Not a problem when this Patriotic Pigeon is ready to fly over! He flies around giving fireworks to all the good boys and girls. If I were a kid, I'd never want to mess with a dirty bird.

"Earth Day Elephant" ©

Are your kids having a hard time after being off for Presidents week? Hope they aren't screaming in the car at their siblings because this month's creature can hear from miles away! No one wants an angry elephant stomping towards them. I suggest that they stay quiet in the back seat. (It's for their own good).

"Valentine's Day Velociraptor" ©

Thinking of celebrating Valentine's Day as a couple and want to leave your kids back? Are they giving you a hard time because they don't think you should leave them before telling them ANOTHER bedtime story? Good thing the Valentine's Day Velociraptor is here to help! It's sharp claws and long tail can scare any child to going to bed early.

"Labor Day Larry" ©

This poor guy. Larry is just an average guy you always see at the grocery store, waiting on a bank line, or at the school bus stop. He wears socks with his sandals, baggy pants and an old shirt. September will be a great month because any average guy that's around you and your kids can be used to blame. No more waiting to see a man with a white big beard in November when this guy is around ALL YEAR LONG.

In conclusion, parents we can do this! If we work together as a team we can beat (figuratively speaking) these kids before they do more mischief.

You're welcome.


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