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Quarantined Comic

Overcompensating Emotions During a Pandemic


Does anyone else feel while wearing a mask that we are starting to become more theatrical in order to get our moods across to the other person we speak to? I realized I was doing this about 2 weeks ago when I started to go grocery shopping after 3 months of hiding in my house. I wanted to smile at the people coming toward me but I imagined all they saw was a person squinting at them. After thinking about it, I started bowing to show some sign of respect or acknowledgment. If this pandemic ever goes away, I hope I can stop the habit of bowing in front of strangers so I don't end up getting awkward looks. Then again, I might just be getting those looks anyway for all I know.

When a mask hides my face, I seem to think it's time for charades or extra oomph in eyes. Whatever it takes to connect again, safely and awkwardly.

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