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Quarantined Comic

When you gotta go, you gotta go

Our child started pre-K two months ago. We've gotten into a decent system. Before she leaves for school, she tries to use the bathroom knowing we will be waiting on a long car line to answer #covid questions and check students for fevers. I always do the best I can. And as we sit on the long line of frustrated parents and eager children waiting for the time to turn 9:00 AM, we usually do a fun dance party to pass the time.

Well on this day, she threw me a curve ball. It was 8:58 AM and she suddenly began screaming, "Mom! I need the car potty now!" I tried to calm her down explaining that it's only 2 more minutes and that Mommy isn't allowed in the school and only children are.

That didn't matter because my child was ready to go. I couldn't move my car to the side because we are all sitting there like a can of sardines hoping if we inch closer to the car in front of us, our child will get into school faster. I rushed for the car potty and yes, it was a number 2.

Needless to say, the line of parents were either extremely angry with me or grateful that it wasn't them, rushing in the rain and covering their four year old as they completed their backseat bathroom time.

Luckily, we had a car potty. I hope one day I can take her into the school so she can be like the kids before 2020, pooping in the bathroom and not in the backseat while on a long socially distant car line.


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