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Toddler Tales Original, The Spoon and the Toaster

As always, narrated by a toddler

Illustrated by a mother

Children's imaginations are the most incredible thing. As my child is growing up, her vision and creative thoughts have gotten more and more vivid. There is something about the age between 2-5 to me that is so magical. We document our daughter growing everyday but having her tiny voice and vision recreated through my art is something I'll treasure always.

This creation was solely directed by my 4 year old. While on the phone with a family member, she demanded we say goodbye and I grab my recorder because she had "the best toddler tale yet!" Watching her get motivated to tell her own story is the best gift she could give me.

We hope you enjoy this Short Tale! As we continue, she keeps developing more detailed ideas and challenging my creative abilities. Those challenges force me to teach myself new ways to work with animation that I never imagined before.

If you want a keepsake, a memory, a birthday wish for a special someone and are interested in creating your own little tale contact me at!Please #like #share #subscribe


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