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When you're feeling like you're just not "enough"

Toddler boredom feels like it could be a condition.

Let me show you a clear example and give you my explanation:


Karen: "Hey Susan, how's little Joey been?"

Susan: "Not good, it looks like he might be.."

(long exhale)

Karen: "Is everything okay? Take your time."

Susan: "Joey may be.. Bored."

Karen: *Gasp*

Karen: "We'll pray for you and your family for a quick recovery."

Susan: "All prayers are appreciated."

It's summertime. It's hot out and sometimes it's just going to rain. And rain. And rain some more. I am only ONE person. She is blessed with 5 billion toys (estimation) that I recycle and hide to make things fun, new and exciting again. Why, oh will the good Lord tell me WHY is it that some days it's just not enough. Sure I could just put her in front of the TV or tablet and let her become a total zombie. Heck, I've done it before when I've had to cook dinner or just needed to sit down to relax as well. I would prefer to push her to explore and create. I would like to motivate her to be a "kid".

Portrait of my toddler, 2019

I had looked around my home a few days ago and it looked like Toys r us vomited all over my living room. I refuse to give in and allow her to be a spoiled brat. So, I let her feel bored that day and with that, I got to feel frustration. I was one breathe away from looking like a clown in a circus juggling toys, just out of the oven cookies and a new set of crayons.

Parenting is hard.

I wish I had more patience. Some days there is no winning or losing, it's just going through the motions of trial and error. (Mostly errors for me.) But I come up to bat every day when she wakes before the sunrise, in hopes I get a grand slam moment and feel like I'm not such a bad mom.

Sometimes being bored pushes your creativity.

It can help you think outside of the box.

It can also make toddlers extremely irritable.

Warning: This condition is highly contagious but can be cured with a little patience and perhaps a change of scenery/new people.


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