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52nd Anonymous Life Story

This is the 52nd anonymous life story. This completes my 1 year project. I type this with tears in my eyes remembering who I was just a year ago. I had this idea but wasn’t sure how I’d find a way to make it work. But I always knew my “why” and that’s what has driven me. I’ve had plenty of excuses to give up but I wouldn’t let “no” be an answer this time. I’m so grateful for you all. As this next new chapter is coming, I will always be opened to collect and recreate your stories. It will be a monthly endeavor and I’m excited to continue! For now, I need to celebrate this win because I deserve it. Because everyone’s story is important and deserves to be heard✌🏻🥲 #ididit #artchallenge #artreels #njartist #art #artist #consistency #oneyear #artseries #tonipaolillo


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