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Anonymous Life Story Series

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

finished product copyright of Toni Paolillo

Before the white, Copyright of Toni Paolillo

The loss of a baby is something no one should have to feel. I couldn’t stop thinking of this story after it was submitted. As a parent myself, my heart goes out to this anonymous person.

I wanted the canvas to be white at the end to symbolize the loss of a baby but a gain of an angel in heaven. As an artist, creating something meaningful and taking it away with white paint was difficult and cathartic. Thank you for sharing your story and trusting me to recreate it. I hope this brings you peace in your healing.

This is #14 story in my #anonymous life story series. Submissions are being reviewed after each artwork is completed. Stories and artwork based on the submissions will stay anonymous unless the person chooses otherwise. Every week I will post a free time lapse of the story that inspired me.

This one is called, “Remnants”. It is acrylic on canvas.

Because everyone’s story is important and deserves to be heard.✌🏻


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