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New published children's book available for purchase!

"Oops! I Squished the Tooth Fairy" written and illustrated by Toni Paolillo

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share that my newest children's book called, "Oops! I Squished the Tooth Fairy!" is now available to download and purchase on!

"Imagine losing your first tooth and becoming excited to see the tooth fairy. As you fall asleep you accidentally awaken to see the real tooth fairy! For Emmie, she tossed and turned anxiously waiting for the morning. Unfortunately one roll was just enough to squish the tooth fairy like a flattened pancake. As she realizes what she's done, she tries to solve her problems by finding random objects in her house. This five year old girl is determined to help her tooth fairy in hopes to get that special gift she was hoping for by morning."

This book dives into childhood imagination and anxieties. It also discusses problem solving with a little added humor as the main character tries to "fix" the tooth fairy. At the end of the book I added some bonus content where the children can interact and enjoy some activity pages!

I am going #live on Instagram tonight, 8:30pm to discuss the book and some giveaways!

I am going #live on Facebook tomorrow

at 12pm to discuss the book and some giveaways!

Please enjoy my newest book and don't forget to leave a review after you purchase it!

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.



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