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Someone Pooped in the Pool

And now my toddler is obsessed with telling anyone that crosses her path, 7 days later...


Mondays can feel like I'm walking through quick sand even if I'm a "stay at home mother". This particular Monday was extra difficult because my husband went on a business trip to London. My toddler, feeling frustrated by his absence, decided to react defiantly to anything that I asked (begged) her to do. Breakfast took an hour for her to finish because she chose to do anything but eat. She decided she didn't want to wear the outfit we had picked out together. Altogether, the morning was a struggle, we got to swim class and both of us felt happy again. After changing into our bathing suits, going on the potty and grabbing our towels, we were ready for our 30 minute class.

We enter the pool and within 2 minutes of starting the class the whistles blew and the teacher yelled for everyone to exit the pool. Why? Because one of the kids pooped in it.

Try explaining that to a toddler who's only motivation was the pool today. Needless to say, it didn't go well.

We enter the dressing room to disrobe and start the process all over again. My toddler was silent until her thoughts took over her speech.

"Who was it Mommy?!" She asked me angrily.

"It doesn't matter babe, lets just get dressed and go home." I reacted fast.

"Was it a boy or a girl? Was it you? It wasn't me!" She began to chirp louder in the dressing room.

"It doesn't matter, lets just go."

"TELL ME WAS IT A BOY OR A GIRL!" She screamed as a prelude to a full-on tantrum.

I paused and whispered quietly, "It was a boy and it doesn't matter who. What matters is that we are clean and you were a big girl who goes on the potty,"

"It was Stephen wasn't it!?"

"No. Stop asking questions, lets get your pants on please," I begged her as my face turned beat red.

"Wait, Daddy is a boy. Maybe Daddy pooped in the pool. But Daddy is at work so how did he get his poop all the way from work in the pool? How could Daddy do that?"

My desperate response to stop her from talking was, "He's got a great arm."

So now when my husband comes to her swim class my daughter reminds him to try and use the potty so there aren't any "pistakes". (Mistakes)

sketch of us leaving the scene, 2019

Happy Monday!


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